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Breakfast at “bills” in Kamakura

Australian chef, simple menu, incredibly delicious

It’s March. The sun is rising earlier and the temperature is getting warmer, so why not start the day with a great breakfast while seated in a modern, yet cozy restaurant with delicious food? I normally prepare my own breakfast in the comfort of my home because I typically want something sweet, something salty and a great cup of coffee to compliment my meal. Also, I am not too familiar with a breakfast spot around town that would satisfy my Western palate and set a positive tone for the rest of my day. But, that all changed once I found this restaurant: bills (yes, the restaurant’s name is all lowercase).

“bills” has several locations in the Kanagawa region, but my favorite is the one located in Kamakura. It is only a minute walk from the nearest train station, Shichirigahama (Enoshima Electric Railway) and opens up bright and early. The train route itself takes you along a scenic ride with lots of greenery and traditional Japanese homes as you approach the beautiful view of Sagami Bay and its early morning risers enjoying the surf and sands. You can also make the simple drive up to this bills location, which is situated on the corner of Route 134 & Yukiabashi St, in the white, 3-story, Weekend House Alley building. There are paid car parks available along the shore.

There are two sides of the restaurant you may be seated in: family style dining or the relaxed lounge with a bar. In either area, there is the option to be seated on the balcony to absorb the natural beauty of the waves crashing and the sun glistening. A Japanese/English menu is available. Only a few choices on the menu for breakfast, which is what the restaurant is best known for, but each dish is prepared so meticulously, lightly salted and with just the right amount of greens. My favorites are from the Bakery and bills Classics section: 1) Daily baked fruit muffin, 2) Mozzarella and sage toasted sandwich, 3) Ricotta hotcakes, fresh banana & honeycomb butter, 4) Scrambled organic eggs with toast, and 5) a Caffè latte. Yes, it sounds like a lot of food (and it is), but it really is the yummiest. My teenage son LOVES the bills hot chocolate with valrhona chocolate paired with the Full Aussie Breakfast and he is usually kind enough to scrape the marinated mushrooms and tomato onto my plate. He’s not-so-keen on eating vegetables yet. But, a win for me!

Not only is the view worth the trip, but the surroundings of the interior is homely. The windows facing the ocean are from floor to ceiling, so no matter where you sit there’s a perfect touch of brightness in the room. Fresh cut flowers placed in large vases give it a nice personal touch. The decor is just clean and simple. Customer Service is so gentle, warm and inviting. Hands down, bills is my favorite spot for breakfast. But, please note the average price per plate is ¥1,200 and can get steep if you want to try everything on the menu.

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