Enzo-ji Temple in Chigasaki

Lions and dragons at this neighbourhood temple

By Peter Sidell    - 1 min read

On my way to my local hundred-yen store for some cheap kimchi, I happened across a temple which I hadn't been aware of before; being a temple-spotter, I went in for a look around, and really enjoyed what I found.

What I enjoyed most were the carvings of lions and dragons, beautifully detailed examples of their kind. They watch over you on either side of the gate, as you leave and as you depart, and there are fully four lions and a bird, possibly a crane, looking down on you from the side hall.

There are plenty of other interesting features; by the side hall there's some sort of memorial, which I assume is military in nature, and in the centre of the grounds there's a statue of a pilgrim, high up on a pedestal. There are also a handful of interesting statues, as well as one extraordinary lantern, with a small lion roaring down at a fierce dragon coiled around the base.

Getting there

The temple is about five minutes' walk from the north exit of JR Chigasaki station.

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