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Coastal community in south Kanagawa

About Chigasaki
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About Chigasaki

Chigasaki (茅ケ崎) is a coastal city in southern Kanagawa, sandwiched between Hiratsuka to the west and Fujisawa to the east, just an hour away from Tokyo. It’s part of the Shonan area, that extends to Kamakura and where the story of the famous manga Slam Dunk originates. Thanks to several known swimming and surfing spots, such as Southern Beach, Chigasaki is also known for being the birthplace of Japanese surfing.

The Honolulu-twinned city is recognized as being the center of Hawaiian culture in Japan, with several Hawaii inspired shops around the city. Chigasaki's mascot, Eboshimaro, wears a hat shaped liked the Eboshi Iwa rock and can be seen from the shore.

People enjoy a laid back lifestyle mainly centered around the sea and surfing. Strolling by the seaside, locals often enjoy the ocean view while sitting in one of the several cafes and restaurants that can be found there. But the city also has a lot to offer to visitors, with unique festivals, shrines and a lot of cultural events all-year-round.