Kishi-ke’s back deck overlooking the Japanese garden (Photo: Kishi-ke)
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Kishi-ke: a Modern Ryokan

Immerse yourself in a tranquil lodging experience

Take a break from your everyday life, and refresh your body and mind with a stay at Kishi-ke.

This traditional, yet modern, Japanese-style inn is located in the charming city of Kamakura and sits along Sagami Bay. With its focus on chisoku—a Zen concept that refers to the feeling of being fulfilled with the now—the establishment aims to connect guests with the present and help them achieve inner harmony through its peaceful design and cultural experiences.

The washitsu with views of Sagami Bay
The washitsu with views of Sagami Bay (Photo: Kishi-ke)

The first floor of the ryokan is home to the heart of the facility—the washitsu, or Japanese room. This open space epitomizes traditional Japanese design and features tatami floors, neutral toned walls, and warm woodwork. With a large window decorating the front of the room and an open deck in the rear, the washitsu has no shortage of natural light. Bask in the healing rays as you look out at the ocean and enjoy the melody of the shifting tide.

A naturally-crafted Zen getaway
A naturally-crafted Zen getaway (Photo: Kishi-ke)

Alternatively, stroll through the Japanese garden behind the ryokan, or simply sit on the back porch and admire the beautifully sculpted nature. Across from the garden is a lounge and desk area. The washitsu is the place where guests enjoy meals, as it is home to the kitchen, and partake in Zen experiences.

Simply designed bedroom on the second floor
Simply designed bedroom on the second floor (Photo: Kishi-ke)

On the second floor, unwind in a pleasantly-crafted bedroom. As a continuation of the peaceful atmosphere below, the bedroom features a natural color palette, airy design, and handmade crafts. The room has two beds and a hinoki (cypress) bath, as well as bathrobes, samue (traditional Japanese leisurewear), towels, and more. Visit the roof for enchanting panoramas of Sagami Bay against Kamakura’s coast.

Hinoki bathtub
Hinoki bathtub (Photo: Kishi-ke)

Aside from the structure itself, Kishi-ke is best defined by its Zen experiences. With the facility’s 1-day experience package, you can enjoy a number of traditional experiences, including karesansui (rock garden raking), hinoki tub-bathing, shojin cuisine (vegetarian Buddhist food), and a tea ceremony.

A shojin breakfast made with seasonal ingredients
A shojin breakfast made with seasonal ingredients (Photo: Kishi-ke)

Each experience is meant to facilitate mindfulness and help you understand chisoku by fully immersing you in the task at hand. After all, each second is precious, unique, and fleeting. At Kishi-ke, you can learn how to stop and appreciate the blessings interwoven into every moment.

Imitate the movement and sound of the ocean with karesansui
Imitate the movement and sound of the ocean with karesansui (Photo: Kishi-ke)

Kishi-ke offers a variety of amenities and services to ensure your stay is comfortable, such as free Wi-Fi, a pick-up service, a baggage delivery service, air conditioning, heating, parking (for one car), and more. The facility is about a 5-minute walk from Hase Station on the Enoden Line.

Tea ceremony experience
Tea ceremony experience (Photo: Kishi-ke)

Take a step back from the daily stressors of life and discover an enlightening lifestyle at this one-of-a-kind ryokan!

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