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Cup of Noodles Museum

Yokohama's museum of instant fun

The Cup of Noodles Museum in Yokohama is a popular museum swarmed with crowds almost every day of the week. Still with its many floors and spread out attractions, the only problem moving around may be at the entrance or gift shop. Don't even let that turn you off because there is much fun to be had while learning about the creation of instant noodles--also sometimes known as ramen in a cup. First of all, don't confuse this museum with the Ramen Museum also located in Yokohama.

Your educational portion of this museum is completed through several small exhibits, many info panels (Japanese only), and a video with options to borrow a personal audio device to play the soundtrack in a different language. And that means they have English, too. The real joy in the museum comes from browsing the wall of past cup of noodles package designs and seeing sporadic noodle art or making your own. Children will really enjoy the play area. Before you leave, snack out at the Noodle Bazaar, a darkened room that transports you into some distant land with a street that sells noodle dishes from around the world.

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