Minato Mirai Kisha-michi Promenade

Wonderful bayside walk!

By Tomoko Kamishima    - 2 min read

Kisha-mich Promenade is the starting point for a very nice walk that circles the entire JR Sakuragi-cho Station-Minato Mirai district.

This walk, which begins at Sakuragi-cho Station, will take you to

-World Porters shopping complex with 160 shops, 50 restaurants, and a cinema complex

-Cosmo World Amusement Park and Cosmo Clock 21 Ferris Wheel (with a great view)

-Sakura-dori, a street lined with beautiful cherry trees

-Three luxury hotels here: Intercontinental, Pan Pacific, and Royal Park

-Queen’s Square and Landmark Plaza shopping emporiums

-Nippon Maru sailing ship

-TOC shopping mall

TOC stands directly in front of Sakuragi-cho Station—your original starting point. Altogether, it is a wonderful 30-minute bayside walk.

Kisha-michi Promenade

Kisha-michi, which is actually a long wood-planked boardwalk, crosses over a large canal towards World Porters, a fashionable shopping area that sits on reclaimed land. Cherry trees line both sides of the promenade and bloom beautifully in the spring. There are some benches on the side of the promenade where people can sit and enjoy the view.

By the way, the promenade itself is the historic site of an old freight railway line. You can still see the rails as well as the track’s three original steel bridges built by the American Bridge Company in 1907 and a British company in 1906 and 1907.

The view looking to the left from here is spectacular. Besides all of the buildings mentioned above, you can also see the Cosmo Clock Ferris Wheel. The entire skyline is beautiful, especially at night, and is one of the most famous sights in Japan.


After enjoying the sky view from the Ferris Wheel, cross the car bridge (Kokusai-bashi) and turn left. This street is Sakura-dori (cherry blossom street). The wind here is relatively strong throughout the year, and you might walk through the snowflakes of cherry petals in the spring. This street will bring you back to Sakuragi-cho station.

By the way, before finishing the walk, take the escalator just outside the station on the right up to the pedestrian deck of the Cross-Gate building. This is another great place to take pictures of this beautiful skyline.

This walk features many photogenic spots along the way. Please enjoy a stroll with the fresh sea breeze of Yokohama on your face!

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