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Yokohama World Porters

The place to play all day

Yokohama's World Porters is a shopping mall blended with the taste of various countries. The mall itself is uniquely divided into six different floors, each containing a variety of goods and services. The first floor is where you will find a food court filled with a tasty selection of items. There is also a Hawaiian theme on this floor, with restaurants and shops with a distinctly 'island feel'. If you are interested in a sushi-go-round type bar, pay by the piece, this can also be found on this floor.

The second and third floors are where you can find shops focusing on fashion and hobbies. The stores offer clothing in a variety of styles and trends at very reasonable prices. The stores on these floors include clothing, a bookstore, toy stores, a 100 yen store, candy stores, jewelry, etc. It is almost guaranteed you will find something that catches your eye when wandering around these two floors.

The entire fourth floor contains furniture shops and interior goods stores. If you are looking for new furniture or are interested in redecorating your home with the latest trends and styles, check out all that they have to offer within these shops.

On the fifth floor you will find more restaurants, a cinema, and a game center. There is a variety of restaurants that will surely satisfy whatever you are in the mood for. There is a very unique game area that is dessert themed. Instead of trying to win prizes, you are playing for a variety of Western-style sweets.

The sixth floor is the ultimate relaxation area where one can find a massage studio, body care, and beauty salon. The rooftop balcony, which was at one time a parking lot, has now been transformed into a roof garden. It offers a variety of entertainment from mini golf to go-kart racing, as well as a rooftop BBQ terrace and bar. This unique shopping mall is the perfect place to spend a rainy afternoon and is entertaining to people of all ages.

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Elena Lisina 6 years ago
I visited Yokohama many times and always passed by this building. Now, looking at these photos, I regret I haven't visited the Roof Garden with such a great view! Thanks for the information! Next time I'll vitis it. :)

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