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Yokosuka's Dobuita Street

Where Food Meets Fashion

Dobuita is one of the Yokosuka scenes that I enjoy visiting every now and then because it is completely different during the day and night. Due to the close proximity to the U.S. Base, the sailors became so fond of the street that they gave it a nickname, “the Honch”. But rest assured that you will still experience a totally unique Japanese experience, despite a few American influences...such as paying in U.S. dollars!

Venturing into Dobuita Street is best if you get off at the Keikyu Shiori Station on the Keihin Kyuko Line and start heading to your right. You will immediately stumble across shops that sell the famous Yokosuka Navy Burgers and Yokosuka Navy Curry. Rumor has it that the recipe for Navy Curry originated from the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force (JMSDF) and the concept for the Navy Burger came from the U.S. Navy ships that visit the port. Multiple restaurants offer both on the same menu for reasonable prices.

When the sun is up, the doors to different trinket shops are open, so don’t be shy. Most of the trinkets may look ordinary but if you look closely you will find that many are uniquely Yokosuka. Dobuita has its own tourist center located right in the heart of the street, so when you stroll past it, make sure to visit. It has various helpful brochures and a pleasant staff. Dobuita Street is also a prime location for the “Yokosuka Jacket”’ more affectionately known as the 'Sukajan'. It’s an athletic jacket made of shiny fabric with unique Yokosuka embroidery.

Shops are not the only thing to see here! The streets are also dotted with such Americana as replicas of the Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty, as well as something similar to the Hollywood Walk of Fame! But this Walk of Fame is for local Yokosuka celebrities rather than glamorous movie stars.

Various hip-hop clothing stores dot the shopping arcade, along with shops selling military-themed apparel including embroidery or patches of different U.S. naval ships that have been stationed in Yokosuka. You might even catch a glimpse of sailors in uniform, both American and Japanese passing through this famous street!

Aside from being a place for fashion and food, Dobuita transforms into a bar and club district when the sun goes down. This becomes the heart of Yokosuka's night life! The "Honch" at night becomes the place to drink and be wild in Yokosuka.

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