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How Sake is Made

Making Sake for Local Development

Seto Sake Brewery (Seto shuzo) located in Kaisei City, Kanagawa Prefecture, was initially founded in 1865 but forced to end business in 1980.

In 2018, it was taken over by Takanobu Mori and his team with the objective to contribute to the local development. As sake is made from rice, local rice producers are attaining a new acquirer. Therefore, the brewery is actively increasing the local economy dynamic. Seto Sake Brewery is also making its local community proud as their bottles have already been awarded in international competitions.

Sake making is a complex process where every detail counts. The whole brewing process is overseen by a sake master (touji) who carefully times all the steps, from rice washing to fermentation.

Sake can be purchased directly from the brewery and the area has a lot of other things to offer travelers.

If you’re planning to visit Kaisei, stop at Seto Yashiki to enjoy their beautiful Japanese rock garden and visit the traditional Japanese house while admiring local artists' crafts, such as pottery and lacquerware. For those looking for a sweet break, inside Seto Yashiki, Cafe Hacco is an ideal place to try some delicacies while recharging in the relaxing garden.

To find some local products, you can first go to Atelier Hacco to discover local vegetables and eventually try the hands-on cooking atelier. Then, a few meters away, enjoy your recently purchased Seto Sake Brewery bottle while sipping your sake in another wonderful Japanese garden.

A fee-based service of brewery tours including sake tastings is available on reservations. Reservations can be made by phone or email. (Service is interrupted during state of emergency in Kanagawa Prefecture)

Access to the Japanese Garden is free of charge and no reservations are required. Freshly purchased bottles can also be enjoyed there.

Getting there

By car: a parking available onsite

By train : the closest stations are Kaisei and Shin-Matsuda station (Odakyu-Line) Matsuda Station (JR Gotemba Line)

Free pick-up service from Kaisei Station is available (please contact the brewery in advance for this service)

Open car with a seating capacity of 9 people; pick-up service is not available when it is raining.

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