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In Video: Exploring Kamakura

A different Japan experience outside Tokyo

Kamakura is a small town south of Tokyo, located in Kanagawa Prefecture. It is very easy to go there by train from Shinjuku if you feel like having a quick weekend getaway from the city. Try a different experience and explore Kamakura for a day.

Stroll along the busy and touristy street of Komachi in Kamakura. It is a must-go place. There are so many interesting finds to buy as souvenirs and so many yummy sweets to eat, like ice cream with unusual flavors. Try the purple yam, matcha and especially the green tea flavored ice cream which they label as "maximum level". There are also several stores with nuts and seeds of different flavors. Cheese, wasabi, chocolate, blueberry, cheesecake, soda, seaweed, mayonnaise, squid, spicy and salted caramel are some of the flavors available for free tasting in the store. If you're feeling adventurous, try the popular delicacy of Enoshima called Shirasu-don. It is a rice bowl topped with whitebait. There are so many things to eat at Komachi Street so take your time and enjoy your food tour.

After the munching craze at Komachi Street, have a nice walk around the area and pay a visit at the Great Buddha. It is only ten minutes walk from Hase Station. The Great Buddha is pretty enormous, hence why it is called "great". You can go inside the body of Buddha and try to reach the belly to rub for good luck. It is one of the most visited places in Kamakura so be prepared because the place is very touristy. Have fun!

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