5 Top Japanese Street Foods

Tasting Japanese street food in Kamakura

By Angela An    - 1 min read

Kamakura is only an hour away from Tokyo and makes a great destination for a day trip from Tokyo. It has many unique and interesting Japanese street food here that you can't get in Tokyo. One of the famous foods here is the whitebait aka shirasu. Since the ocean is nearby you will see a lot of shops offering the local speciality in their menus. A lot of the street foods here have also incorporated the whitebait into the typical Japanese street foods which gives it a Kamakura twist to it.

All the shops I went to are off the main street - Komachi Street. Here are the street food I ate and the shops I visited in order:

  1. Torigoya : Chocolate croquette (deep fried mash potato), Beef croquette (deep fried mash potato)
  2. Hannari-Inari: Inarizushi (sushi wrapped in fried tofu), Whitebait egg roll
  3. Kamakura Ichibanya: Soy sauce rice cracker (senbei)
  4. Kamakura J's: Whitebait and Octopus Ball (Takoyaki)
  5. Kosode Juice bar: Lemonade
  6. Sakura no Yumemiya: Cherry blossom dango (Sakura dango)

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Elena Lisina 4 months ago
Must taste that!!!
Elena Lisina 4 months ago
Must taste that!!!