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Kamakura Kinubariyama Hiking Trail

Seeing Kamakura from the back end - 4

The Kinubari-yama Course (衣張山) has a few fantastic view points, but is relatively unknown to foreigners. The starting point is the bus stop of Sugimoto-dera Temple. The first viewpoint is at the top of Kinubari-yama Hill. After a 30-minute walk along a mountain path, you’ll reach a nice residential district. Walking through it, soon you can see a sign saying “Panorama-dai” (パノラマ台). The view from here is incredibly beautiful. Sagami Bay connecting to the Pacific Ocean, the hilly, green forms of Kamakura, and Mt. Fuji (if you are lucky) are all in your sight. Please get the course map before you start walking, because this course is a bit tricky. An index of this series is here.