A special Chinese cake for mid-autumn festival

By Etsuko Yamada    - 1 min read

Do you like the Chinese sweets called Moon Cake? I recommend that you buy them during the mid-autumn festival season in Yokohama Chinatown. Moon Cake contains a salted yolk in the sweet beans paste. The yolk is compared to a full moon. The salty taste brings out the flavor of the paste. A small round cake should be shared by 5/ 6 people because of sharing the time to taste it with others but also the super high calorie content. I recommend a shop, Juraku, a recommendation by a friend of mine who studied near Chinatown in her schooldays. I have bought cakes at this shop, and they are delicious!

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Etsuko Yamada

Etsuko Yamada @etsuko.yamada

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