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Yokohama Chinatown: Top 3 Restaurants

Manchinro, Shigoroku Saikan and Dohatsu

Visitors go crazy with excitement in Yokohama Chinatown where more than 600 Chinese restaurants are packed into a 2,500 square meter area.

It might not be easy for you to find or reach the place you really want to go to, passing through the crowds of hungry people.

Therefore I have picked up three different types of restaurants on the main street, Chukagai Odori (中華街大通り), and introduce them to you here in this video:

  • Manchinro (萬珍樓) is a very sophisticated restaurant with a 120-year history. You will be quite satisfied with their delicious food and hospitality.
  • Shigoroku Saikan (四五六菜館) is a casual restaurant serving a nice arrangement of food.
  • Dohatsu's (同撥) roasted meat is their specialty. They also serve Beijing duck and Chinese sausages. 
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Olga 9 years ago
Once we dined at one restaurant in Yokohama Chinatown and had a terrible stomach ache after that! But we saw that it wasn't too crowded. It's better to opt for a restaurant with a long line :)

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