See the World of Photography at CP+

A day at Asia's biggest photography convention

By George Popescu    - 1 min read

The CP+ photography convention and show is the biggest one in Asia and all the major companies involved in photography as well as making accessories for photographers such as bags, tripods, memory cards, printers, etc. are represented at this show. You can test out many new products from your favorite companies as well as take photos of different displays built for the show or even models presenting products from their respective companies. The show takes place once a year usually in February and lasts for about a week. If you pre-register on their website in advance the entrance is free. 

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George Popescu

George Popescu @george.popescu

I was born in Bucharest, Romania and after a brief stay in London, England I settled and lived in Toronto, Canada for 20 years. I moved to Tokyo in late 2013 and have lived here ever since. I enjoy exploring the city with my camera as well as going to many special events that Tokyo has to offer every year. There are so many incredible things and places to see in this country and they all need to be enjoyed and documented as well as shared with the world.