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Sengokukogen Pampas Grass Fields

Sparkling silver spectacle in Hakone

My trip to Hakone became complete after a dazzling encounter with silver pampas grass fields in Sengokukogen, Sengokuhara. This visual spectacle only can be seen during the fall, so it mustn't be missed when visiting Japan in the autumn months (October to mid-December).

I visited Sengokukogen in the second week of autumn, when the stems of the pampas grass were still green. Closer to winter, they become gold and look even prettier.

These silver pampas grass fields are surrounded by beautiful, green highlands, where visitors can enjoy ice cream in various flavors that are sold at a nearby shop.

There are small stalls selling Japanese fruits, as well as a trusted convenience store or konbini down the street. There is no admission fee to this spectacular natural environment, so don't miss it! You will feel the sensation of the cold air from across the highlands, but on a good day you can bask in the warm sunlight too.

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