Shonan Bread Festival

Enjoy carbs by the coast in Kanagawa

Venue: Tsujido Seaside Park When: Sunday - Feb 25th 2024

Bread is a food that has found its way into hearts and homes across the globe throughout history. Its simple yet versatile nature works with a wide range of flavors, and in Japan that means unique regional tastes like matcha and red bean are often incorporated.

If you're a bread fan, the Shonan Bread Festival is an event worth checking out. It's one of the largest bread-centric festivals in the region, and will include 40 participating bakeries from the Shonan area, including Fujisawa, Kamakura, and Chigasaki. Along with all the carb-filled treats to purchase, there will also be a number of food trucks selling other eats.

Photo: Shonan Bread Festival Executive Committee

Please note that in the event of rain, the festival will be postponed until March 3rd.

Getting there

Tsujido Seaside Park is located around 5 minutes by taxi (or just under 30 minutes on foot) from Kugenuma-Kaigan Station, which is served by the Odakyu Enoshima Line.


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