Trattoria 'Yours'

A romantic restaurant in Yokohama

By Yumi Imai    - 2 min read

Are you looking for a romantic restaurant around Yokohama station?

Well, “Trattoria Yours” might be your best choice. It is a picturesque restaurant for lovers, excellent party place for friends, charming bar, or quiet place for lunch. Here you can find typical Italian or other western dishes like pasta, pizza, omelets, sausage, or fish & chips etc. and all kinds of drinks. 

Actually, “Yours” is also a good first selection for when you want to organize a large gathering of friends. You will never fail to entertain your guests with full ammunition for a party; delicious food, a variety of drinks, Gothic type interior, hidden atmosphere, and reasonable prices.

Look at my photos. From the entrance you can see that “Yours” has a very dramatic setting. Soon after climbing down the stone-brick stairs you will find a Frankenstein in fetters (don’t be scared!) and a narrow tunnel leading you to a cavern, which is nicely furnished with antiques. This is the main dining area. Although I am not quite sure what the connection is between Frankenstein and dining out, “Yours” is definitely a restaurant dripping with atmosphere, and it will surely entertain you!

At lunchtime they provide satisfying courses at around 1,000 yen, which includes drinks, salad, main dish (pasta, meat or fish) and desert. On weekdays you can enjoy salad and drinks buffet style.

On Saturday, “Yours” is normally not too busy, so you can take your time and enjoy chatting over coffee and desert after lunch. Actually it is a bit difficult to find such a quiet, spacey and homey place at lunchtime on weekends so close to Yokohama station, so this is where I usually like to go.

So, although I am Japanese and of course love Japanese food (and hope that you will also try and enjoy Japanese food), if you suddenly miss Western cuisine and feel a strong urge to try something else, then please visit “Yours” and have a rest. It is close to the station, easy to find, and totally comfortable…just what you need, right?!

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Yumi Imai

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