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Kongofukuji Temple at Cape Ashizuri

Temple No. 38 on the Shikoku 88 temple pilgrimage

Kongofukuji is one of the most impressive temples along Shikoku's 88 sacred temple pilgrimage. Located at the southern tip of Kochi Prefecture, Kongofukuji, Temple #38, is also one of the most difficult temples to reach. It is over 70 kilometers from both the temple before it on the trail, and the one after. Located on a bluff above the sea at Cape Ashizuri, the temple grounds are immaculate and are full of interesting Buddhist stone carvings. The main deity worshipped here is the Senju Kannon Bosatsu.

Across the street from the temple is a park containing a short walking trail around a lighthouse, and observation areas overlooking the ocean. There is also a tourist information center, and volunteer guides (Japanese only) are available to help visitors learn more about the area. Ashizuri also contains a number of hotels and inns, most contain lovely hot spring baths with sea views. It is best to travel to Ashizuri by car as bus service is limited.

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