Spring at Makino Botanical Garden

Kochi welcomes the warmer months with a burst of color

 By Mandy Bartok   Mar 26, 2015

There's no wrong season in which to visit the perfectly-tended Makino Botanical Garden perched on top of Godaisan just outside of Kochi City. But the months of March through May see the earth awaken from her winter slumber and a palette of pinks, purples, and pale blues carpets the grounds of the south garden area. Don't miss the bold tulips, the delicate phlox or the candy-colored sakura that are sprinkled throughout the grounds. The views over the water back to Kochi City are impressive as well, if you can tear your eyes away from the flora!

Photography by Mandy Bartok
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Mandy Bartok Photographer 2 years ago
This was my first trip to Kochi, Veronika, but I would absolutely return just to go back to the Makino Botanical Garden. It was really gorgeous.
Veronika Tomanova 2 years ago
Yeah, the area looks stunning!