A Day at Kumamoto Castle

Walk through the grounds and museum of Kumamoto Castle

By Kaitlynn Scannell    - 1 min read

Kumamoto Castle is a hilltop castle located in Kumamoto Prefecture. It is considered one of the three premier castles in Japan. Kumamoto Castle has thirteen structures inside the castle complex that are of cultural importance. It was originally built in 1467 and has been expanded, reconstructed, and updated up until 2008.

Along with the Main tower which gives you breathtaking views of the surrounding area six stories up, there is also the Honmaru Gotan Palace with the extravagant room of gold. The Uto Turret is one of the few original buildings and the underground passage that leads to the castle grounds are also open.

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Izzur Rozabi 5 years ago
Hy, i'am izzur from indonesia. This video remembered me about kumamoto, syukron. :)