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Kitchen Seriguchi

Kitchen Seriguchi

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Kitchen Serigushi is popular among ladies for their seasonal foods. It's close to Aeon Mall Clare in Kashima-machi. Why do..

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About Kumamoto City

Kumamoto City brims with history as it is where Kumamoto Castle, standing since the 13th century, is located. Along with Himeji and Matsumoto Castles, Kumamoto Castle is considered a top-three castle in Japan. A perfect time to visit would be in spring when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, bringing vibrant colours to the castle's exterior.

Southeast of Kumamoto Castle is Suizen-ji Joju-en, a hill garden located within Suizenji Park, where scenic walks surrounded by trees of all shades of green are popular.

Visitors with an adventurous palate may find themselves satisfied with Kumamoto's delicacy of raw horse meat, also known as basashi.

Downtown Kumamoto offers two shopping arcades, Shimotori and Kamitori. Department stores, as well as smaller retailers and eating establishments line the area and makes for a convenient location for visitors. 

To see what Kumamoto has to offer culturally, head to the Kumamoto Prefectural Museum of Art and the Kumamoto Contemporary Art Museum to see a diverse showcase of local and international works. 

Kumamoto City is served by the Kumamoto City Trams and the Kyushu Shinkansen for easy travelling.