Ikeyama Fountainhead

Hidden spring in the grassy highlands of the Aso region

By Mandy Bartok    - 1 min read

It's a bit of a surprise to come across the Ikeyama Fountainhead, hidden down a narrow lane that winds through the grassy highlands of the Ubuyama area north of Mt Aso. While Japanese silver grass covers most of the highland area in the autumn, this small pocket surrounding one of the area's pure water sources is ablaze with colorful maple trees. It's a popular spot in any season for locals to come and fill up their water jugs and it's worth popping a coin into the donation box to take away your own refreshing taste of the mountains. 

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Mandy Bartok

Mandy Bartok @mandy.bartok

Japan resident for 9 years, with time spent in Okinawa, Kumamoto and Tokyo.