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Misumi Nishikou

Nominated to World Heritage Site

In the Meiji period (1868 to 1911), Misumi West Port (Nishikou in Japanese) was used for to ship coal and we can still see remnants from that time from the stone wharf, the white walled warehouse, Western style buildings used as an auditorium or library and trading company's Japanese style building.

Comparing with today's massive automated container terminal facilities, the volume dealt and the size of the wharf were much smaller, but more manpower was required, for example stevedores, government officers and business people. I could imagine the prosperity of the area filled with bars, book shops, Western goods stores, kimono textile shops, etc. Not many cars were driven back in those days and there wouldn't have much traffic between here to Kumamoto city. This place would come to life once the vessel's head was seen at the wharf and somebody shouted "the vessel is arriving!"

At the souvenir shop, you can purchase Kumamon goods as well as Amakusa's famous sweets called akamaki.

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