Nabegataki Falls and Laputa Road

Fantasy landscapes in Northwest Aso Mountain Range

 By Masayoshi Hirose   Apr 15, 2015

On January 2nd of 2013, I slept in my car on Route 339, commonly known as 'Milk Road', and located in the outer craters of Mt. Aso in Kumamoto prefecture.

The purpose of my visit was to appreciate the beautiful silky curtain-like water of Nabegataki Falls, which is on the north side of Mt. Aso, then move on next day to 'Laputa Road' to take photos. People say this road looks like a road to heaven, and seems to continue to the sky, but it is not widely known in Japan. Both places were gorgeous and lived up to their reputations. The Laputa Road reminded me of a sacred dragon tearing the freezing air and soaring high into the sky. The Aso Mountain Range was wrapped around by such a mysterious, holy air.

Photography by Masayoshi Hirose
Japan Travel Member
Translated by Takako Sakamoto

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Preethu a year ago
wow stunning pictures!
Masayoshi Hirose Photographer a year ago
Preethu-san,Thank you very much! Please continue to support me.
Olivia Lee a year ago
Wow, this is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing; I live in Kumamoto but didn't even know these places existed!
Masayoshi Hirose Photographer a year ago
Olivia-san,Thank you very much! You should definitely see that.
Masayoshi Hirose Photographer a year ago
Renzi-san,Thank you very much!
Novriana Dewi a year ago
Wonderful view of the Route 339! Would love to visit this place and enjoy driving with this great view along the road! Thank you for sharing this, Hirose-san!
Novriana Dewi a year ago
I wonder how the condition there after recent earthquakes :(
Shaymaa Barakat 2 years ago
Great shots, Thank you so much for sharing, definitely would like to visit someday.
Masayoshi Hirose Photographer 2 years ago
Shaymaa-san,Thank you very much! You should come here by all means once!