Amanohashidate Day Pass

Your passport to the top 3 scenic views in Japan

By Somrak Bhakdisuparit    - 1 min read

Amanohashidate (天橋立) is one of the top three scenic views in Japan. It is a 3.6km long sandbar that links two islands together and is best viewed from the mountains at either end. Amanohashidate means "bridge in heaven" as it looks like a pathway between heaven and earth. For foreign visitor, the best way to spend the day exploring Amanohashidate is via the Amanohashidate pass, which for 3090 yen per includes 1) the KTR private train to Amanohashidate (extra fee required outside of JR pass), 2) Sightseeing boat across the bay, 3) Rental bicycle (that can be used to ride across the sandbar), 4) Cable car or chair lift up to the view point at Kasamatsu park, and 5) regular route bus. The pass allows you to explore Amanohashidate in many ways e.g. bike across the sandbar, ride a cable car or chair lift to the viewpoint on the mountain, and ride the ferry back. There is also a two day pass, which covers a wider area. The pass offers good savings over paying for these tickets individually, especially if you are making a day trip from Maizuru or Kyoto.

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Somrak Bhakdisuparit

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I am a restless soul that likes to globe trot in hope of expanding my self growth in every possible directions. I like exploring new places or exploring new angles of familiar places. There is always something fresh to see, which will rejuvenate your soul. Japan is one of the unique places with such rich culture, natural beauty, and advanced modernity. You feel peaceful, but at the same time, excited by the surrounding in Japan. I want to encourage everyone to travel with not just wide open eyes, but also, wide open mind. There's no better place to start than Japan. Pack your bags and explore, don't just hit the tourist spots but find some time to go out of the beaten path. You may get lost a little, but you will definitely gain valuable experiences that is worth it in the end ; )

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