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Autumn Colors at Nison-in - 2

Maple leaves in the garden of Misono-tei Tea House

I visited Nison-in Temple in Sagano on November 20th in 2010.

While fighting the crowds, I admired the beautiful autumn leaves decorating the long approach to the temple. I passed through Kuromon Gate to reach the Main Hall and walked alongside the white temple walls. Maple leaves were hanging over the roof tiles of the walls and both the black tiles and white walls looked entirely RED! I was impressed and awed by the power of nature, which can even change black and white into red. Speechless because of the brilliant leaves, I headed toward the Main Hall, then to the left of it to see the Misono-tei Tea House. My main purpose of this visit was to enjoy the view of the garden located between the Main Hall and Misono-tei Tea House. Just relaxing here, thinking and doing nothing, was so far the best moment of my life.

Nison-in Temple, Sagano 1. Autumn Foliage Path to Nison-in - 1 2. Autumn Colors at Nison-in - 2 3. Early Summer Green at Nison-in - 3

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