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Early Summer Green at Nison-in - 3

Feel the fresh summer breeze in Sagano, Kyoto!

In the third story of this Nison-in Series, photos taken in May are featured.

I visit Sagano in Kyoto a few times every year, and strangely, every time I go, the weather is fine. The day I last went was also a fine day, so fine that it was a little bit too hot for May, but I can't complain, can I? Anyway, I enjoyed the fresh greenery in an 'early summer' here.

Nison-in Temple is located at the eastern foot of Mount Ogura, which is famous for 'Ogura Hyakunin-isshu', a historical poetry anthology selected by Fujiwara no Teika in the Heian period. The temple's name 'Nison-in' is derived from its two principal images (Ni-son), Shaka Nyorai and Amida Nyorai.

Although this temple is famous for its gorgeous autumn foliage, the two principal images here, which sit silently in the hall, are awe-inspiring and worth the visit just to see them.

Nison-in Temple, Sagano 1. Autumn Foliage Path to Nison-in - 1 2. Autumn Colors at Nison-in - 2 3. Early Summer Green at Nison-in - 3

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