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Autumn Colors of Ohara Sanzen-in: 2

From Ojo Gokuraku-in to Konjiki Fudo Hall

In the other photo story of this series, I left off at Yusei-en Garden, and so this photo story starts from Ojo Gokuraku-in of Ohara Sanzen-in, which I visited in late November, two years ago.

Ojo Gokuraku-in is the symbol of Ohara Sanzen-in. This temple houses three precious Buddha statues (I wrote about it before in my early summer photo story of this temple). Although we are not allowed to take photos of the statues, I can assure you, they are beautiful! I highly recommend that you take time to see them when you visit here.

I strolled through a cedar grove and a sea of moss inside Yuseien Garden, which is located in the back of Ojo Gokuraku-in. What an amazing place! When I looked up, I saw multi-colored autumn foliage as though it was a beautiful ceiling adorned with intricate paintings! If you are not convinced by my words, go see it with your own eyes!

Autumn Foliage of Ohara Sanzen-in Series - Autumn Colors of Ohara Sanzen-in: 1 - Autumn Colors of Ohara Sanzen-in: 2

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