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Entoku-in on a Rainy Day

Beautiful contrast of dark rocks, green trees & kimono

Kyoto's beautiful Entoku-in Temple's entrance is small and unassuming, so be careful...you might miss it! On my visit in early May, I was lucky enough to be helped by a couple dressed up in kimono. I followed them into the temple courtyard and took some photos of the two of them. Quite beautiful! We were lucky - it had just finished raining and everything looked fresh and felt fresh. The temple is famous for its garden, and again I was lucky. For a few minutes, I was the only one there. It was quiet and tranquil and quite lovely. Eventually, the couple came into the viewing room. Others came also, and I wasn't alone anymore. But that was nice too, sharing this beautiful space with fellow Japan-lovers!


<p>The friendly couple in kimono</p>
The friendly couple in kimono
Entoku-in on a Rainy Day
<p>How lucky I was to have this room and garden all to myself</p>
How lucky I was to have this room and garden all to myself
Chion-in Garden on a Rainy Day

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