Eternal Beauty of Taizo-in Temple

The dry rock garden of Taizoin pursues eternal beauty

By Masayoshi Hirose    - 1 min read

On the 12th of April 2014, I visited Taizo-in, one of the temples of Myoshin-ji Temple Complex in Kyoto.

Passing through the most beautiful gate of all the temples of the complex, you reach the Hojo building where the famous swordsman Miyamoto Musashi once trained himself. He must have found something here, which guided him through Zen spirit and swordsmanship. However, my interest lies in 'The Garden of Motonobu'. It is said that this garden pursues 'eternal beauty' by planting evergreen trees which ensure the year-round beauty of the garden. The beautiful garden which shines throughout the year will take your breath away! This garden was the last work of the Master Painter, Kano Motonobu (1476-1559).

Weeping Cherry Tree at Taizo-in Temple 1. Garden of Yin and Yang and Sakura 2. Eternal Beauty of Taizo-in Temple 3. Cherry Trees at Daikyuan Teahouse

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Original by Masayoshi Hirose