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Fushimi Inari - Taisha

Visit Kyoto's most famous temple

When visiting Kyoto there are a few places that are a must see and one of them is Fushimi Inari - Taisha, one of the most important Shinto temples in Kyoto. Visiting the temple you will feel the sacred energy and it's appeal - bright colours and over thousands of torii gates that create a network of trails into the woods from the main building. Following the trails will lead to ground of the sacred Mount Inari and around halfway up there are great views of Kyoto from above .

What about the temple itself? Fushimi Inari is a temple dedicated to Inari, the Shinto god of rice. Foxes, or kitsune in Japanese, are believed to be his messengers. You will notice hundreds of shrines and statues around the territory of the temple dedicated to them. In the restaurants around the temple can be tried "kitsune soba" as well, a noodle soup with tofu which is believed to be foxes' favourite food. I invite you to take a trip through this visual guide of the temple and its beauty.

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