Japanese Sweets Afternoon Tea

Traditional tastes at this Kyoto event

Jul 1st
Aug 31st
Venue: The Sodoh Higashiyama Kyoto When: Jul 1st - Aug 31st 2021

On weekdays throughout July and August, The Sodoh Higashiyama Kyoto is hosting a Japanese sweets afternoon tea event. There will be a variety of traditional tastes on offer, including the likes of warabi mochi, dorayaki, yokan, and even shaved ice flavored with roasted green tea. There will also be a variety of teas on offer - served hot or cold, depending on preference - and the sweets are recommended to be enjoyed with certain teas, similar to what you'd expect with wine pairings.

The event is priced at 4500 yen per head, and advance reservations can be made over the phone or online.

Getting there

The Sodoh Higashiyama Kyoto is located just under 15 minutes on foot from Kyoto Kawaramachi Station (Exit 2) on the Hankyu Kyoto Main Line.

For those who opt to drive to the venue, it's located around 15 minutes from the Kyoto Higashi IC on the Meishin Expressway.

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It all looks fantastic, I like Japanese sweets a lot!