Aug 1st

Gion's Hassaku, Kyoto 2024

Loyalty and courtesy on a hot summer day

When: Thursday - Aug 1st 2024

The first of August is a very special day in Kyoto’s Gion neighbourhood. Named after a term which designates the first day of the eighth month of the ancient Japanese calendar, Gion’s hassaku is a very rare chance to see many of the geiko (a local term in Kyoto for geisha) and maiko from Japan’s most renowned geisha district. Despite the hot and muggy weather, they will parade down the streets of Gion to offer tea house owners who supported them during the previous year a word of thanks and a small gift as a token of their gratitude.

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Elena Lisina 3 years ago
Usually in Kyoto you can see girls dressed as miko while they're not. Those girls rent costumes and do a make-up - I was confused, but my Japanese friend explained the difference.

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