Michael Jackson Photo Exhibition

The stage of Michael Jackson

Jul 10th
Sep 5th
Venue: Museum EKI, Kyoto When: Jul 10th - Sep 5th 2021

Michael Jackson (1958 - 2009) has often been described as the most successful entertainer in history, and a limited time exhibition at Kyoto's Museum EKI will showcase approximately 100 photographic works taken throughout his career. There will be glimpses into his time as a member of the Jackson 5, his solo endeavors, and from world tours that took him across the globe.

Adult admission to the event is priced at 900 yen, and no advance reservations are required.

Getting there

Museum EKI Kyoto is located within the Kyoto Station building, on the 7th floor adjacent to the Isetan department store. The station is served by a wide variety of lines, including the Tokaido Shinkansen, the Tokaido Main Line, the Nara Line, and the Sanin Main Line.

For those who plan to drive, parking is available at the station, which is charged at 600 yen for the first hour, and 300 yen for every 30 minutes thereafter.

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Lynda Hogan a month ago
Oh wow. Ah dear ole MJ. I'm sure it will be a popular exhibition
Elena Lisina a month ago
I bet with new social media there are musicians who get enormous quantity of fans. Recently, on FB fans voted for some idol of the pop-band and there were 100 millions votes! Crazy!
Elena Lisina a month ago
Absolutely different! Those idols disappear quite quickly, and new ones are worshiped. I never was in any 'fandom', but have the feeling that 'stars' of the past were better.