Nishiki Ichiba Fresh Food Markets

Shop with Mrs Watanabe at the Kitchen of Kyoto

By Bonson Lam    - 1 min read

Since the 14th century Kyoto-ites have been shopping at the Nishiki Markets, making it one of the oldest continuously operating markets in Japan. In the days when transport was limited, vegetables dominated these markets, as Kyoto was far from the ocean. Kyoto takes vegetables to an art form in the various pickles (Kyotsukemono), such as daikon (radishes), ginger, cabbage, carrot, and eggplant, infused with the flavor of sake lees, miso or vinegar, though Kyoto is most famous for Shibazuke which is pickled with plum vinegar. These days you can get fresh fish as well, and there is a saying, "There is nothing that you can't get at Nishiki".

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