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Strolling around Seiryuchi Pond

Leaves carpet the ground around a mirror-like pond


Autumn Foliage viewing at Enkoji from 15 November until 10 December 2020 requires a reservation.

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This is the last story about the 'Autumn Leaves at Dawn: Special Viewing' at Enkoji Temple in Rakuhoku area of Kyoto, where I visited on November 22, 2014.

Although this temple's most popular attraction is the wonderful autumn view from veranda of the Hojo building, I also enjoyed exploring the garden. You can't walk on the moss of course, but there is a pathway through the garden.

Start your exploration from the western side of the Garden of Jyu-gyu (which means ten oxen) and on the south side, you'll find tranquil Seiryuchi Pond, reportedly the oldest pond in Rakuhoku area.

If you are lucky and there's no wind, you can see beautiful reflections on the pond. The breathtaking symmetrical beauty of real and reflected leaves mesmerized me!

Enkoji: The Splendid Garden of Rakuhoku, Kyoto 1. A Painting of Autumn Leaves 2. Soothing Scenery of Enkoji 3. Strolling Around Seiryuchi Pond

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