Sunday Afternoon at Kyoto City Hall

People watching is a lot of fun!

By Mohd Shazni Zainal    - 2 min read

On a fine Sunday while I was in Kyoto, I told myself that I was going to the Gion district to check out some Geisha. As it was still early in the day, I visited Kyoto Manga Museum to well...obviously read some manga there. At lunch hour, I didn't have anywhere specific I wanted to visit so I went to the nearest Lawson, bought a bento, and walked. Because of this random walk, I stumbled upon the Kyoto City Hall and decided to have my lunch there. And because it's winter, it's cold. Being outside in the afternoon is totally fine. I even had a chance to witness a group of motorcyclist wearing Santa costume (because it was near Christmas at that time)

Kyoto City Hall has a huge square in front of it where people just come to relax and do hangout. On that very day (probably because it was Sunday) I saw these youngsters doing the Double Dutch, parents teaching their kids how to do jump rope, a group of Rockabilly, some guy practicing his football skills, and of course, people just sitting around having snacks and conversations. It's a really great place to watch people! 

If you're in Kyoto, do go check this place out! :)

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