Taizo-in Zen Garden, Kyoto

Enjoy spring in this Kyoto zen garden

By Shozo Fujii    - 1 min read

In Kyoto's Myoshin Temple is a sub-temple called Taizo-in, with a stunning zen garden. The weeping cherry blossom tree at the entrance appears to cradle both sides of the Yin and Yang rock gardens. This tree has a reputation as Kyoto's most prominent cherry tree. Indeed, it is the very tree that was used in the JR "Let's go to Kyoto" campaign posters. It is so beautiful that simply seeing it will make you feel it was worth the trip to Kyoto. Unfortunately, when I visited the temple the other day I was sad to see the buds had still not bloomed. The life of the flowers are very short. Perhaps this is what attracts us to them so much. If time allows, you should see the cherry blossoms of Kyoto in their prime at the Taizo-in Zen Garden.

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Illaura Rossiter

Illaura Rossiter @illaura.rossiter

A semi-professional photographer and English teacher, Illaura is a long-term resident of Japan who photographs every day life and scenes in Japan to promote a better understanding of Japanese culture.

Original by Shozo Fujii