A Walk at Kyoto Imperial Palace - 1

From Okurumayose to Shinmikurumayose

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Kyoto Imperial Palace is in the Kyoto Imperial Garden. In the year 794 the Emperor Kammu transferred the capital to Heian-kyo; the Emperor lived in the Dairi(imperial residence), which itself was located in the center of the Daidairi. When the Dairi was destroyed by fire, the emperor moved his private residences to temporary imperial residences at the palaces of other noble families in the capital, which came to be known as Satodairi. From the latter half of the Heian Period onwards, the original Dairi imperial residence gradually fell into disuse, while the Satodairi came to be the daily living quarters of the emperor. The present day Kyoto Imperial Palace developed from a Satodairi called the Tsuchi-Mikado-Higashi-no-Toin-Dono. Dignitaries with a special permission arriving here at Okurumayose by ox-drawn carriage used to enter the Palace through this entrance. Shinmikurumayose is the special entrance just for the Emperor and Empress.

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