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Ise Jingu, Geku

God of food, clothing and shelter

The Grand Shrine of Ise, Ise Jingu, comprises two main shrines (Naiku & Geku) and 123 affiliated smaller shrines. Geku has enshrined the god of food, clothing and shelter since 1500 years ago. The long approach to the main building is covered with beautiful gravel, and is surrounded by towering old trees, and scented with clean, fresh air. The buildings are really simple. But here, we can feel the existence of God behind everything. Ise Jingu is basically a place for showing our appreciation to God, not for asking God to fulfill our wishes.

Access: A 5-minute-walk from JR or Kintestu Iseshi Station.

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Iain Stanley 9 years ago
It's in Mie-ken right?
Tomoko Kamishima Videographer 9 years ago
Yes, it is, Eyestar. It takes about 2 hours by train from Osaka.

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