An Amazing Autumn Awaits in Akiu

Akiu: a natural paradise in all its splendor

By Radica Sooknarine    - 1 min read

Akiu is well known for its onsens, but do you know that it's also one of the most beautiful places around Sendai where you can enjoy "koyo" or Autumn leaves? An autumn trek to Akiu makes for a wonderful day trip as you can enjoy an easy hike to the Akiu Otaki Falls followed by a walk through the Akiu Otaki Botanical Gardens.The view is absolutely beautiful and it is guaranteed to make you exclaim in awe. I had missed the peak of the autumn colors, but they were still amazing! The best time to view the changing leaves in Akiu is mid-October to early November.

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Radica Sooknarine

Radica Sooknarine @radica.sooknarine

I currently teach English in Sendai City. Whenever possible, I seek out adventures in this enchanting country.