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The Mysterious Island of Oshima

Old tombs and picturesque views

One of the more mysterious of the islands of Matsushima is Oshima. Leaving Matsushima Kaigan Station behind your back, head left and a ten minute walk will see you reach this tiny island.

There is a nice sandy beach here with shallow water that is pleasant for bathing during summer. I went to Oshima in mid-October and the water was still warm so I walked bare foot in the water before visiting the actual island itself. A traditional looking red bridge connects Oshima Island and after crossing it you will find a walking trail.

Walking around this island you will discover some very old graves and mediation caves carved in the rocks. Along with an old wooden shrine that appears abandoned, the atmosphere is, well, mysterious...

Looking at the islands of Matsushima from afar it’s hard to understand how so many pine trees can grow on such small rocky islands, but walking the island allows you to understand why. Pines root deep into the rocky ground and are strong enough to grow in such difficult conditions. The path around the island is actually along the roots! And from the island you can take in the many picturesque views of Matsushima Bay, dotted as it is with islands and cruise boats.

Getting there

Oshima Island is a 10-minute walk from JR Matsushima Kaigan Station.