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Coffee from Water of Japanese Alps

Lounge cafe “Grindelwald” at Kamikochi Imperial Hotel

The Northern Japanese Alps has several tall mountains, such as Yarigatake (3180 m) and Hodakadake (3190 m). Kamikochi, commanding a great view of these mountains, sits at the upper reaches of the Azusa River. There are two main hiking courses from the famous Kappa-bashi Bridge: the Taisho-ike Pond Course going down to the southwest along the river, and the Myojin-ike Pond Course walking up to the east. Kamikochi Imperial Hotel is between Kappa-bashi and Taisho-ike Pond. The red triangular gables of the hotel building make a striking contrast with the beautiful greenery. The stone built foundation creates a stately appearance. Lounge café “Grindelwald” has a huge mantelpiece in the center of the room, and it offers a cozy warm fire for visitors when the days are cold.

We started the hike from Kappa-bashi Bridge toward Taisho-ike Pond in the early morning and had a nice hot coffee here on the way back to our hotel. The hot coffee, made from the crystal water of the Japanese Alps, warmed our body and soul nicely.

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Olga 9 years ago
The atmosphere is very relaxing and really Imperial!
Tomoko Kamishima Videographer 9 years ago
Yes, Olga. Please have a visit to Kamikochi sometime.

Thank you for your support!

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