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Japan Food Trip

A delightful trip worth salivating for

Oiishi (delicious) is definitely the perfect word to describe Japanese cuisine. Who does not want perfectly fried tempura, deliciously seasoned ramen, or freshly served sushi? Many people crave Japanese food for its extraordinarily good taste. I guess this is why Japan has been one of the top travel destinations in the world. Each meal they serve is balanced with just right the amount of meat, vegetable, soup, noodle and/ or rice. Their food is pretty healthy, too. Desserts, like cakes and ice cream, are lightly sweetened. Not too sweet, just perfect. The Japanese are also quite creative when it comes to presentation. Their food is cooked and served with care. No doubt why restaurants in Japan always have excellent customer service. It is part of their culture that they beautifully present the food to show honor and respect to customers. Watch this short video for a complete "bento-box-like" experience of the tastiest food I tried in Japan. Warning, the video may possibly make you hungry. Enjoy!

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