Kumobaike Pond in Karuizawa

A peaceful stroll in nature

By Olga    - 1 min read

The small but long pond of Kumobaike (雲場池) is sometimes called a "swan lake". We didn't notice any swans only ducks, and the Japanese maples had already dropped their leaves. (The autumn foliage can be seen from mid-October to early November.) Nevertheless, the serene nature in December was wonderful. We could relax while strolling along the pond and breathing in the crisp but not too cold winter air. The blue sky with white clouds was a good setup for a nice photo session. The pond is located not far from a luxurious neighborhood in Karuizawa, about 1.2 km northwest of Karuizawa Station. I recommend going by car or by bicycle. For drivers, there is a parking lot not far from the spot.

After a long walk, you can take a rest at the cafe and restaurant "Kumobatei" (雲場亭), which offers Western cuisine. You can order a hearty lunch and enjoy the forest atmosphere while sitting on the terrace. 

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