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Walk Around Kumoba Pond, Karuizawa

Autumn hues, floating clouds, and gentle breeze

Although it’s chilly in the morning and evening, Karuizawa in the daytime in late September is mild, at around 20 degrees centigrade. We rented bicycles near JR Karuizawa Station, and went up north to the intersection of “Shinonome”(東雲). Then we turned left and rode our bicycles fast. The road was nice and straight and went through a beautiful forest. It was really refreshing. It took about 10 minutes from the station area to Roppon Tsuji (六本辻). At this point, six streets cross. Kumoba Pond is just a few seconds from there.

This narrow pond has a circling path that is a 20-minute-walk course. There is also a big parking lot near there. We visited Kumoba Pond on Autumn Equinox Day; Japanese maples had just started their showing their fall hues. Ducks were swimming and nibbling at things in the water. The sunlight filtered down through the trees and warmed me. Leaves were swaying in the gentle breeze.

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