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Tenkaiho Park and Sunset, Nagasaki

Blue ocean of the East China Sea and beautiful sunset

The other day I visited Sasebo to enjoy the scenery of Kujuku-shima (Kujuku Islands) viewed from Tenkaiho Park.

I've been there two times before in spring, and although the weather was fine, due to yellow sand from the Chinese continent (or was it spring haze?) the sea was hazy and I couldn't see the magnificent view very well. This time, on my third visit, I chose the end of the year to go there. Although the winter wind was fierce, I had a clear view of the ocean and I could see the faraway islands clearly. Tenkaiho Park is a great vantage point for overlooking the islands of various sizes and most importantly, the Kujuku-shima Islands. On the third visit, my dream finally has come true and I tasted victory while appreciating the breathtaking scenery.

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