Hiyori Restaurant

Vegetarian, local flavors and incomparable freshness

By Celine Villeneuve    - 2 min read

The restaurant Shunsai Hiyori located in the Naramachi district of Nara, holds a high reputation for its quality vegetables. Every bite attests to the incredible freshness of their food. The chef aims to introduce customers to regional produce and flavours in the warm and friendly atmosphere of Hiyori's surroundings.

Various dishes are servied, as part of the kaiseki course menu, a form of traditional Japanese meal consisting of many small dishes. Be sure to save some room for the hearty main course.

Among the foods you may see will be potato varieties of all kinds, romanesco cabbage and burdock root tempura. For dessert, there are many specialties of the region including yoshino kuzu, a preparation made from plant roots. 

Though the restaurant is primarily known for its vegetarian dishes the meat dishes served in the restaurant Hiyori are no less delicious. The pieces of Yamagata beef that you can cook at your table are tasty and so tender the will practically melt in your mouth.

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Celine Villeneuve

Celine Villeneuve @celine.villeneuve

Depuis ma foudroyante rencontre il y a dix ans avec l'élégance japonaise (Femme se poudrant le cou d'Utamaro), ma soif de découvrir et comprendre chaque aspect de cette culture énigmatique ne se tarie pas. Mes études de japonais et mon séjour d’un an en tant que rédactrice web dans l’Archipel n’ont fait qu’accroître mon intérêt pour ce pays magnifique. Je suis ravie de pouvoir partager ici mes quelques expériences mais plus encore, de découvrir les vôtres !