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Views of rural Nara and with the Sasayuri-ann aerial tour

 Featured   Jul 20, 2016

Kansai by helicopter is a unique and thrilling experience that provides an aerial perspective of Japan's rural countryside. There are very few helicopter tours available that cover such a range of scenery including rice fields, forests, temples and villages across Nara Prefecture. 

Sasayuri-ann, mountain villa and traditional Japanese style ryokan, has newly added a private heliport available for guests who wish to charter helicopter tours from any of the nearby airports. Each flight will take you directly to Sasayuri-ann from the airport where guests can stay a few nights in the three-star Michelin Guide rated Ryokan. 

The main route for the sightseeing flights starts from Kansai International Airport (KIX) and flies directly over the Kii mountains, a world heritage site and sacred destination deeply connected to the cradle of Japanese culture. Flights from Yao Airport and Nanki-shirahama Airport are also available. This is a unique opportunity to view locations that are deeply rooted in Japanese history and culture from above, such as the Muro Temple, said to be home to a legendary dragon, and its amazing buildings. Viewers on the helicopter tour can also experience the gorgeous Akame Gorge and the beautiful landscapes of the Muro-Fukano Region, where Sasayuri-Ann is located.

While you are in the area check out some of the things to do and find out more information about Sasayuri-san here

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It's quite incredible but it must be very expensive!